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AvaTrade is a regulated forex broker, dedicated to providing its clients with tailor-made trading solutions, regardless of prior knowledge or experience. With AvaTrade you can begin trading immediately on any of our powerful platforms.

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The education and enrichment of our traders stands in the core of our activity, and is a crucial part of allowing our customers to trade with confidence.

Therefore, AvaTrade is committed to provide top educational materials, teaching and training traders all about the markets and the trading world.

Our educational segment constantly develops and is refreshed with new content, as part of our mission to inspire people and expend their horizons, while mastering their trading skills.

Trading for Beginners

An introduction to the online trading world, with all the basics of Forex and CFDs trading.

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AvaTrade is proud to offer free live webinars, hosted by leading experts of the trading industry

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Forex eBook

Enjoy our free eBook, ‘Forex Trading Strategies’, leading you step-by-step from novice to expert”.

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Trading Video Tutorials

Our comprehensive video section is divided per level, insuring you find your place in the trading world

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AvaTrade offers its clients with over 250 trading instruments, ranging from Currency Pairs to Vanilla Options and CFDs on Commodities, Stocks, Indices, ETFs and Bonds.

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